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Re: [IP] Quick-Set - Unreasonalble Response

At 11:58 PM 8/20/2001 -0400, you wrote:

>The fact that there was air in
>th canula after priming out air in the tubing is no different than the air
>left over after you pull out the inserter needle.

I agree it makes no real difference in this case (very high BG already) but 
the volumes involved in these two situations are indeed different. There is 
the small amount of insulin needed to fill the quick disconnect fitting, 
any space in the set between the QC fitting and the cannula and the space 
necessary to fill the cannula while the inserter needle is still in place. 
All of these small volumes are normally filled when you prime a new set but 
are empty in the case of the insulin having been displaced by air.

I think it is silly that MM will not tell us how much insulin to fill these 
spaces (they know it because they can read it off the design drawings). 
additionally, anyone with an analytical balance could measure it 
experimentally - unfortunately, I no longer have access to the necessary 

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