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Re: [IP] Question about dining out

Jenn wrote:

 I couldn't figure out how much food I had until it was actually in front of
me etc etc.  How would I know how much to bolus? Anyone ever been in that
situation?  How did you handle it?

My husband and I love dining out - at home and when we travel.  I wait until
the food has been delivered, then  sort of "eyeball" the carbs and deliver a
bolus.    I'm a little conservative in estimating because I don't want to go
low and ruin dinner.  Two hours later, I check my bgs and deliver a little
more if I didn't bolus enough.  Most of all, I relax and have a great time.
Recently, we were in Chicago and dined at Charlie Trotter's.  Dinner consisted
of at least seven courses  and lasted over  3 hours. It was incredible.  I
never could have had this experience on MDI.

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