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Re: [IP] Re: Red Tappets

On 20 Aug 2001, at 23:22, email @ redacted wrote:

> <<  Just make sure you don't leave it on 
>  when you fly. >>
> I'm having one of those "oh-no" moments here.  Our Dis pump trainer
> didn't say anything about leaving these off when you fly.  As a matter
> of fact we were told to leave the red tappet in my son's pump at all
> times.  We just took a trip that required 2 hours of non-stop flights
> both ways, and we didn't have any pump problems.  Have I done some
> damage that I am not aware of? Beverly
> ---------------------------------------------------------

No, but the pump probably wasn't able to equalize pressures.  
Don't fly this way again though.  You never know if the unequal 
pressures would force an unplanned bolus.

(who has only used the tappet once in 3 years)
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