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Re: [IP] 508

yesterday evening, when I checked my bs it was 350+ not sure why, but where my
infusion was, it felt a bit sore, I think it was because the tape was stuck on an
old spot (red one). I did a bolus (abt 6) tested it again in 3 hrs, it was only down
to 340, well I did another one, thinking it would go down again, well it did not, I
woke up at 445 am, tested  it was 360, I figured it was the infusion  was messed up.
when I separated the two halves a fair amt of insulin squirted out, so I figured
that there must be some blockage. I thought an alarm was to sound if it couldn't
deliver because of blockage? any one had this problem with no alarm? I changed the
site (1st took a shot the old fashoned way to get insulin in my system, tested at 1
1/2 hrs later still high took some more at 7:30 it was 340, I checked again at 930
3-4 hrs after my initial shot, I was down to 150, then 84 at 11. what a relief, I
was soooo thirsty and I felt rotten feel better now

David R
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