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RE: [IP] Question about dining out

I never figure out my bolus until I actually see what is put in front of me
and even then, I bring my little carb. counting book w/me and my chart to
determine how much insulin to take.

Most times, restaurants give you too much of a serving and I wind up taking
some of it home for another meal.

By now, everyone should be aware to some degree of how much a serving of
this or that looks.

What I did to learn this was to actually measure out different foods and
then put it in a dish...this way I have a visual idea of certain
things...other things, no matter how hard I try to figure it out is a
mystery to me and so I might wind up doing a second bolus if I didn't hit it
right the first time.

BTW....is there a standard as to what b.g. should be before dinner and after
dinner or does it depend on the individual?  I am very confused about this
and am trying to get an answer from my dr. but she was away for 3 weeks...

Kathy B.
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