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[IP] Starting a support group

Hi again:

I would very much like to start an insulin pumpers support group in my area.

I know that there is one that meets in the Tarpon Springs-Clearwater, FL
area but it is too far for me to go and they also meet at night.  I am
totally night blind and can't go anywhere at night so that's out for me.

We do have two diabetic support groups here, one that meets during the day
and I've gone once or twice but most are elderly and Type II's and I have
nothing in common with them.

Firstly, does anyone on here live in the New Port Richey, Port Richey,
Hudson area and secondly, how does one go about starting a support group?

I will most probably first start having meetings at my home in the evenings
unless the group gets too big since I can't go anywhere at night.

Any ideas, suggestions, etc. will be appreciated.

Kathy B.
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