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Hi all:

I just want to say "thank you" to all of you!

For your support and encouragement and for helping me to see what I thought
problems were but wasn't sure.

I was having continuous problems of rising b.g. after my fbg even though I
had changed my basal for pre dawn phen.  The only thing I thought it could
be was that my pre dawn was going on for much longer and it turned out that
it was.

I have changed my basal rate from 3 AM to 9 AM and the rest of the day on a
different basal rate instead of having 4 different rates.  I am very happy
with the b.g. lately.  I did see lows when I first woke up and have
readjusted that and will see how that goes but all in all, these are the
lowest b.g. I've ever had in years!!!!

Now I am trying to fine tune what foods spike my b.g. and learning to adjust
my bolus for those foods!

I can't wait until my d.e. and dr. hear about this.  To tell you the truth,
I'm very disappointed that through all this time, well over two years,
neither of them have ever mentioned pre dawn phen to me and it was only
after reading Pumping Insulin that I learned what my problem was...

I plan on telling both of them about the book and about this group...

Thank you so much again.
Kathy B.
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