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[IP] not a good day

I just started pumping on Friday. Sunday my sugars started to rise so I 
changed the site for the first time all went well until today. My site 
started to leak.Insulin was pooling up inside the tape.So I changed it again. 
It looked fine  and sugars were good until the afternoon when  my sugars 
started to go  to 250 again! Dr. said to bolus 1.5, it didn't seem to change 
so I did 1.5 more. Checked 2 hrs later and my sugar was down to 170. Am I 
doing something wrong ? Could I need my basal adjusted it is at ,9 now the 
Dr. didn't want to change it too fast but I'm frustrated. Any ideas??? Could 
I bem doing something wrong when I change the site?
Donna-pumping for 4 days
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