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[IP] young kids wearing the pump

We use the waist-it on our son, who is two years old.  It is a soft strap
that goes around the waist, with the pump "pouch" attached.  He likes to
have the pump in the back, even when he is in his car seat!  We bought it
through Minimed, I believe, via our local supplier.  The only problem we
have had is the pump "pouch" is starting to lean back away from him, with
the top of the pouch moving farther and farther away from his back.  I don't
know how to secure it any differently.  Oh, and also, I bought the white
waist-it, and just ordered the black one so it is less noticeable and less
dirty looking!  Having two will be nice, as he doesn't like using any other
strap, even for a short time period, while the white one is in the washer.

Mother of Zachary, dxd at 13 mos., pumping since April 2001
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