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[IP] dual and square wave bolus

Kelley mingle writes:
Hey all.  I got my MM 508 today.  I am so excited.  I watched the video and
feel so much better about the training (or lack there of).   But I do have a
question....how many of you use the square wave and dual wave bolus?  Can
please give me some examples of times when you would use these as opposed to
normal bolus.     Thanks for bearing with me.

Kelley in KS
Those of us with gastroparesis use those features. It spaces out the bolus
over a period of time. In addition if you go to a buffet and want to graze,
these features really help. As far as I know, only the minimed pump has
these features which can be emulated on the animas and disatronic pump. If
you eat a very fatty meal the square wave bouls works well and it is good
for Pizza as well. the duration is a YMMV thing. it takes lots of
experimentation to get it right. spot
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