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[IP] Little known Amimas fact

Hi Everyone,
     For those of you on the Animas pump, did you know that they offer you
the loan of a pump while you're on vacation? That way, if something happens
to yours while you're on vacation you have a second one with you and don't
have to wait to have one overnight expressed to where you're vacationing.
     You just have to let them know ahead of time (when you're leaving and
when you're coming back).  They ship it out and give you a bag to ship it
back to them when you come home.  They even pay the shipping cost!
     I found this out from a friend who's daughter is on the Animas pump.
She called just to find out what would happen if her's  malfunctioned
while she was on vacation, how soon she would be able to get another one.
That's when they told her she could get one ahead of time.
     Just something good to know if you need it.
Dianne, Mom to Johnny 9
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