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Re: [IP] young kids wearing the pump

> we've been clipping it to her pants or shorts at the waistband. however,
> makes it a bit difficult for her to pull her pants up and down when going
> the bathroom. . . . but was wondering what
> other people do and if anyone has any suggestions.  i havent been able to
> a childs belt in clothing stores here, but am still looking!

I have a 6 year old and was also worried about pump placement and going to
the bathroom.  We currently just clip the pump to his pockets, waistband, or
belt and have never had a problem.  We currently use the  soft-set micros
with a tubing length of 24".  The tubing seems excessively long for a child.
We just loop about 2" of the tubing and tape to his body and just tuck the
rest of it inside his clothing.  This allows plenty of slack for him to pull
his pants down and go to the bathroom without problems.  As far as a belt, I
have always been able to go into any kids clothing store and buy a belt for
my children since they were about 3yrs old.  A couple of the belts, I just
poked extra holes for.  Hope that helps.
Mom to Jason, 6yrs.old
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