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[IP] Re: Going out for dinner and not knowing what to bolus

When I go out for dinner and don't know what to bolus I guess-ti-mate as
best as I can. You know by experience how much you normally eat, what you
count for a serving of pasta and sauces. I notices restaurants tend to give
a larger amount than a normal serving of, for instance, pasta. Eat what you
normally eat-erring on the side of caution that when you go to stand up
(leaving the table you may feel way too full compared to sitting down).
Anyway, I bolus what I think I ate in carbs and recheck in two hours, making
any correction as needed. I tend to choose meal choices that I would not
normally make for myself but I know how to basically count. Bless the
pump-it sure beats running to the restroom and giving yourself a shot-it is
so much more discrete!!!

One time I was at a wedding (pre-pump era) and I needed my shot. I forgot
about the back seat child locks, got into the back seat to take my shot,
which didn't look like no big deal until I discovered I locked myself in the
car having to crawl into the front seat to get out. ". . . had it all under
control, honest". Best wishes, Sharon
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