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[IP] H-Tron backup pumps

>I on the other hand feel that if a company provides a backup 100% of the
>time they are wasting resources (either the product is not adequate for the
>job or they are providing unnecessary backups) and as the consumer I am the
>one who is paying for that waste. Of course that is only my opinion.

Interesting thing is that the H-Tron with 2 pumps costs the same as the 
others with only one pump. The way it was explained to me was that 
Disetronic, being a company in Switzerland, was required in Europe to 
provide backup pumps.  They continued this policy until now.  The D-Tron is 
the first pump they've provided without a backup (just simply going along 
with the American policy).  In fact, if you get a D-Tron in Europe, I 
believe you get a backup there too.  The H-Tron is more than adequate even 
if it doesn't have all the fancy features of some of the newer pumps.  The 
Dahedi has even less features.  Pumps are pumps, you need to decide what's 
the best way for you to go. Personally, I didn't decide to go on a pump to 
have to end up with shots again even for a short time, so I chose the 
H-Tron for the backup.  So far, neither of my pumps have failed after being 
used for over a year.  YMMV.

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