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[IP] Emotional Stress and Weather Can Cause High Blood Sugars(BS)

To All,
The idea is that when High Blood Sugars occur(can be greater than 450) due to
either or both of these Stresses I give myself large shots of
Humalog(5-15/shot) to start the BS
downwards trend. I must give these shots to kick start the BS downwards.
Reducing the stress level or lowering the temperature and %RH does not always
cause a downward trend.

When the BS goes down to say 200-300 I start giving myself fast acting
carbos(equal to the amount required based on the amount of insulin injected
initially) until my BS levels off, say 100, and starts going back up and
levels at say 150-200.

It is important to measure your BS every 30 mins or even more freqently if rhe
rate of BS is droping rapidly then measure every 10 mins or less. Remember
there must be time to redistribute the BS but it is OK to measure relative to
fingers even thought BS would only be relative .

This cycle may take 8 hrs or more.

You should have back up incase you overshoot the low even though I have gone
to a BS of 23 and still walking to the ice box and choosing me a soda. One MD
told me he had a person having BS of 9 but don't chance it but also don't be
so afraid of "lows".

Here Are a fews of my experences:

Emotional Stress-I watched a movie for 1 hr my BS level went to 400( a
increase of 200 (BS). I took 10 units of insulin. ==Remember that insulin must
that be asigned to carbos.
Don't go to sleep without eating enough fast acting carbs. I have sleep off
emotional stess but doesn't aways work.

Weather-I am using say 85 F/85% RH.

Example 1- I stayed in this Weather(85 F, 85%RH) about 5 min. then went be in
the good Weather of my house. When I was in the Weather, my BS went up 90 BS
units and when  I went into my house and waited severl mins my BS went 90
units. This serves as a good  example of reverabily of the effects of

Example 2(an extrerme case)-we had been in high T(90 F) and high %RH(.85) to
about 6:00 p.m. I measured greater than 450.My EXact Tech only goes to 450. I
gave myself a shot,  with a needle, of 15 units HomalogU100, we went inside to
eat. At 1 hour my BS was again  greater than 450, I took 10 units more and
waited another, eating a plain hambuger.
I measured my BS at greater than 450 I took 15 more units of insulin. After a
bit my BS came to about 300. Then I started eating fasting carbo's. I measured
100 in about 30 mins the next 30 mins gave a BS of 110. This was about 1:00
and I was very sleep so I went to sleep. At about my BS was 130. I patted
myself on the back and had a free cup of coffee and to enjoy my familys
vacation knowing all the time what I had to do to get up in the morning ready
to go to..... having a bit more experence. I  got the feeling how I really
Loved Life.

Take Care

Richard Haynes
email @ redacted
223 Mt. Lucas Rd.
Princeton, NJ 08540
609 497-4584
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