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[IP] Animas (static and more)

I know I am a little late in chiming in on this thread but, when I was
deciding on a pump, I asked the Animas rep about static electricity.  She
said she didn't know but would try to find out.  Later, she gave me a five
page paper called "Animas Technology Overview" (3/7/00) which included a
section on environmental testing. I quote from the paper:

...Electronic devices of any type, for example, are subject to failure if
exposed to high levels of EMI or static electricity.  The Animas pump has
been designed and tested to withstand levels of EMI or static electricity
far beyond any likely exposure.

The following is a partial list of the environmental conditions the Animas
pump has been designed for and tested to withstand.

 * A contact discharge of 8,000 V (electrostatic discharge)

 * An air discharge of 15,000 V (electrostatic discharge)

 * Submersion in water at a 12 foot depth for at least one hour

 * Vibration:  swept sine vibration (in all three axes) of values at a
frequency 3 to 8 Hz, displacement:  7.5 mm, and 4 cycles each direction

 * Vibration:  swept sine vibration (in all three axes) of values at a
frequency 8 to 300 Hz, acceleration:  2 g, 4 cycles each direction

 * Mechanical shock:  withstand a drop of 1 m in each axis to a hardwood

 * RFI, magnetic fields (per IEC 601-1-2 and IEC 601-2-24, para. 36.202)

 * Ambient temperature range:  +5 (degrees)C to +40 (degrees)C

 * Relative humidity:  20 % to 90 %, including condensation

 * Atmospheric pressure:  10 psi to 16 psi

As this paper is really a promotional overview, it doesn't go into detail
about the experiments, but gives the impression that static discharge is
an unlikely problem.  In the above quotation, I included the other
environmental conditions just because I thought it was interesting.  
There are other interesting points in this paper, including descriptions
of over-infusion prevention features, and verification and validation

--Tad Seyler
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