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[IP] ...pump trainer said shouldn't.....

From: Linda Kelly <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] ...pump trainer said shouldn't.....

I know, MM said to send pump back, I did--guess perscription pulled.
The pump trainer is quite dedicated, many see how she "goes out of her
way".  IT is not all her fault, I take 50% of blame,  I call it a
personality conflict and let it go--sometimes the bitterness does pop
Maybe in fall or winter I'll get another pump. I think, with my case,
Dr. is beginning to see that I was not all wrong, ignorant, It just
takes being patient. Thank-you for support.  Linda
Think it is great how well you mother's handle your
kids. :)

> Liinda,
Well Linda, I think that most people with T1 diabetes can learn to use a
pump. It does take some intelligence but not an inordinate amount. Patience
is a virtue but it is a necessary ingredient in pumping. you won't alway
figure the bolus correctly, you could blow right past target range and
bottom out. you could run high because you screwed up your basal rates. but
you do learn from this stuff and you do get it right after a few weeks to
months. it took your pancreas thousands of years of evolution to learn how
to work and you won't learn it in a couple weeks. Just because you can't
answer a few questions doesn't mean you dont know squat about pumping. It
took me about a year to fall into the right basal rate and go to sleep at
123 and wake up at 100. with no lows or highs during the night as found on
CGMS. Everyone is different YMMV and all that stuff. try it again Linda,
don't give up. spot
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