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[IP] Animas Question

From: Tad Seyler <email @ redacted>
Subject: RE: [IP] Animas Question

Jim Handsfield wrote:
> Erin wrote:
> > I think the reason why the Animas is discouraged by Jan's CDE
> > (and mine, for
> > that matter) is because Animas, from what I understand, has had a long
> > history of pump failure.
> I've not heard of Animas having a higher failure rate than either MiniMed
> Disetronic.  There was a hoax shortly after the Animas pump was approved
> that, IIRC, spoke of a recall, but that was quickly debunked.  Besides -
> Animas has been on the market for only about a year . . . hardly enough
> to develop a "long history" of failures.

Animas did have a self-initiated recall in March when their quality
control found some possilby defective pressure vents.  No problems were
ever reported.  You can find reference to this recall at their website.
But this whole thing was blown way out of proportion as Animas has
continued to be the victim of recall and failure rumors.

- --Tad Seyler
- ----------------------------------------------------------
Animas did have some problems with their pumps but nothing that they did not
attend to immediatly. I agree that they have been a target of recall and
failure rumors.
Any mechanical device can malfunction. just suppose that these pumps were
implanted and then they failed. I think the new Animas pump uses a
microprocessor with more on chip memory and can keep and present more
information. I don't think there is a significant difference in the
mechanical design of the pump. One of the things about pumps is to have a
sensitive occlusion alarm. the Animas pump has such an alarm. I would not be
afraid to switch to an Animas pump from my MiniMed. spot
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