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[IP] We are all unique

Charles Soderstrom said SNIP>>>>>>>>>>>rom: "Charles 
Soderstrom" Problem;  Unexplained high BG levels.  Cause?; Site 
going bad ?  or Too much food?  or digestion problems?  Solution:  
Use a SYRINGE and give a shot of fast acting insulin to lower the 

Hi Charles, 
When I have a "unexplained?" bg, I immediately bolus to bring it 
down.  After checking from 1/2 hour to next hour, it bg is not going 
down (and it is slow at first) I change sites.  I never use a syringe.

However, 75% of my high bgs are site problems, which are my 
particularly handicap, and the other 25% are from misjudging carbs 
in meals...or even, forgetting to bolus.....(I hate it when I do that!!)

I haven't  in 6 years had bad insulin, only bad sites, and I don't have 
digestion problems, so the best way for me is to bolus for the bgs.  
 Sure I may have an extra 1/2 half hour or even hour with a high bg, 
but since I test so much it is rarely ever longer than an hour or two. 
  Seems easier to me.   But, as always, everyone has to find out 
for themselves what works best..!
Bonnie R. 
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