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RE: [IP] Quick-Set - Unreasonalble Response

Jim Handsfield wrote:
>...it would be useful to know how many units per inch the tubing holds

I'm assuming this is not rhetorical. I use Sof-set Ultimate QR infusion 
sets with 42" tubing. Let's round to 40". When I fit a new set, I use about 
20 units, excluding the final 5 unit prime to shake out mechanical slack, 
so that's about 1/2 unit per inch of tubing.

Minimed advises that we should "remember to include approximately 0.25 ml 
(for insulin, 25 units of U-100) extra to prime the infusion set" -- see 
page 4 of the infusion set "Instructions for Use" (09/99) -- which agrees 

regards, Andy
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