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Re: [IP] Buttons on mm

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Bob Burnett

At 07:23 AM 8/20/2001 -0700, Catherine wrote:

>I thought  y'all were crazy with all your talk of
>static with the 508, but it's happened to me too. The
>buttons don't respond every now and then, and I keep
>it in the leather thing (when it's not in the thigh
>thing. Could the static build up in it when it's not
>in the case and stay there for good even after it's
>been in the case awhile?
>I didn't much mind it until this morning when I felt
>like I over-bolused (mid-bolus) and I tried to suspend
>the pump before it delivered the entire thing.
>Buttons didn't work (!).  That sucks, but I'm too
>afraid to mention it to MM, lest they insist on
>sending me a refurbished pump excavated from someone's
>stomach or something.
>--- email @ redacted wrote:
> > Cherry said:
> > and I have been having problems with the buttons.
> >
> >
> > What kind of troubles are you having?
> > On mine I press the buttons and maybe it will start
> > and maybe not or its
> > starts and then stops.
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