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Re: [IP] was pump size

On 20 Aug 2006, at 6:05, Ashley wrote:

> I recently wrote about the size of my mini med and how it looks like a
> growth or an extra stomach when I wear a dress or shorts with no
> pockets.  I had some wonderful replies and I called Mini Med and they
> gave me the number of my local rep and since my pump is no longer
> under warranty, it may be very possible that my insurance will cover
> the new 511 when it comes out before the end of the year.  The 511 is
> supposed to be 25 percent smaller. I just wanted to thank everyone who
> wrote back. Ashley
> ----------------------------------------------------------

Just as an FYI, the Dahedi is already approx. 30% smaller than the 
current 508.   The measurements are 67x43x20 mm or for those 
who haven't been "metricized" yet, 2.6x1.7x.8 inches.    ;>)

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