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Re: [IP] Started pumping and a question?

Or you can get a cheap pocket t from walart or somewhere like that, cut a 
small hole on the inside of the shirt behind the pocket, quick disconnect 
the pump , and thread the tubing through tthe hole & put the pump in the 
pocket. It sounds MUCH more complicated than it really is.

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>Subject: Re: [IP] Started pumping and a question?
>Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 01:52:15 EDT
>   Something to tell you.  If you want to tool around the house in a gbig,
>baggie T-Shirt why not get one of the T-s from The Diabetes Mall.  It has a
>pocket in the front with an opening in the underside to slip you pump in 
>out and velcro closure in fron, which gives you access and keeps your pump
>handy, PLUS you get to continue tooling around in a baggies T-Shirt.
>   Or try their Waist-it belt pouches made of soft cloth with velcro 
>Josh LOVES these and this is all he wears.  Is now wearing the T's for
>sleeping in and LOVES them.  Comes in short and long sleeve.
>   Oh and in case you guys with the new Dis D-Tron didn't know it, Diabetes
>Mall now has this Waist-it especially made for the D-Tron.  It is stated in
>their latest catalog, a larger pouch to fit the larger pump size.  
>   www.diabetesnet.com  or 1-800-988-4772  in San Diego, CA  PST
>Good luck!
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