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[IP] Quick-Set - Unreasonalble Response

I'm using the Quick-set with 9mm cannula. This weekend - after several 
hours on unexpected high BGs I discovered a humongous air bubble in the 
tubing extending from the infusion site back 6-8 inches. I disconnected and 
primed out the bubble but now I had an in-place site with air in. I called 
MM and asked how much to prime to remove all the air - both the  0.5 units 
worth in the cannula and any amount in the rest of the set that is normally 
filled before you remove the inserter needle. The answer I got was - 
Replace entire set (tubing and all). I said that seemed unreasonable why 
did they recommend that? Because the set that is inserted is now unprimed. 
Yes that is why I called. What volume do I need to prime it. We don't 
recommend that. Why not. Because you do not know the volume. I could not 
get the MM person out of this circular argument and get a straight answer 
to a simple technical question - GRRRRRRR!!!!

I finally gave up on them and just guessed and primed 1.5 units - At this 
point my BG was so high that I was going to have to make additional 
corrections latter on anyway so it really did not matter very much. But the 
experience was very frustrating. For some reason MM is really hung-up on 
this issue.

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