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Re: [IP] Replacement Pump (gross)

Patrick G. Jobe wrote:

>> That's only for the H-tron pump, not the (newer) D-tron . . . As far 
>> as I'm
>> concerned, every pumper should get a pump and a back-up pump, no 
>> matter which
>> maker  (I know . . . dream on!)
> I on the other hand feel that if a company provides a backup 100% of the 
> time they are wasting resources (either the product is not adequate for 
> the job or they are providing unnecessary backups) and as the consumer I 
> am the one who is paying for that waste. Of course that is only my 
> opinion. 

do you carry a spare tire in your car? back up important computer files?
take more insulin than you need on long trips?

as a consumer you are paying for a system that accepts your "problem"
meter and sends you a temp replacement. they are just 2 different 
systems that address the same problem: be prepared, consumer electronics
break. i prefer the back up pump.

chris parsons
T1 84 HTRON Plus 99
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