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[IP] RE: Replacement Pump (gross)

>> >That's only for the H-tron pump, not the (newer) D-tron . . . As far
>> >as I'm concerned, every pumper should get a pump and a back-up pump,
>> >no matter which maker  (I know . . . dream on!)
>> I on the other hand feel that if a company provides a backup 100% of
>> the time they are wasting resources (either the product is not
>> adequate for the job or they are providing unnecessary backups) and as
>> the consumer I am the one who is paying for that waste. Of course that
>> is only my opinion. 

As we all know from the 'pump wars' that used to
happen on the list that 2 pumps were required in
Europe for ALL medical equipment, not just pumps.  D
supplied the same to the US, although they did not
have to.  Most of the cost for pumps does not rise
when 2 ar supplied, and will lower per pump (r & r,
support, insurance, quality control, shipping,
etc.).  The plastic, glass, wires, etc. are

> Just try and convince an astronaut of your view!        ;>)

> George    
> (backup only used once, but I like the comfort of security)

In '93 I got the HTron V100 and now have the Dtron. 
In 8 plus years I've never had to send them in,
except for the required maintenance.  Now, because I
still have a few months remaining on my 2 old ones,
and I did not need to send them in when I got the
new one (3 insurance companies ago and out of
warranty), I have 2 backups. 

I think that part of the reason for cutting back to
one is that they were not getting the advantage that
they expected from 2 because, so many felt that
there must be a problem with them even if there
wasn't.  I was also told that the DTron can go
longer without maintenance and they send the pen
along for emergencies and the manufacturing cost
would probably be higher, although still a small
percent of the overall Disetronic expenses.

All the pumps are marvels and terrific.  The
greatest advantage to having a backup is the peace
of mind.
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