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[IP] Re: MM pumps

After all the discussion on MM pumps, I again would like to point out that
probably most of us who have MM pumps have had none of these problems. (It's
rare to write on this list if we don't have a problem) My MM508 has been
operating perfectly since 1/10/00, with not one reprogramming (static)
problem or button response problem. Occasionally the MM people have goofed
on something (originally they sent me a green pump instead of a black one),
but they've always corrected the problem. If they'd just sell the tubing and
sites separately (for the sils)--and for less $$--I'd be 100% happy.

As has been said by many on this board, having any of the pumps is far
better for 99% of us than being on MDI. My latest HbA1C was 5.7--made up of
a few too many lows (so I'd like it a little higher with fewer lows), but
still amazing. For me the second key is testing multiple times (10-12)
daily--I'm hoping the glucowatch comes out soon to get a better handle on
basal rates (esp. during sleep hours). That will make trying to tame this
monster a little easier.

Todd (age 49, diagnosed age 13, MM pump since 1/10/00)

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