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RE: [IP] Vacationing and snorkeling with pump

Geez Pat, you sound worse than me with storing your stuff all over the
place.  Thank goodness I am now in a one level house and don't have to worry
about upstairs and downstairs but you are right.

I have one corner of my kitchen table all set up with my Pumping Insulin
book, glucose monitor, calculator, charts, etc....and it drives my hubby
crazy and when we go out to eat, I drag all this stuff w/me...

I don't usually take a change of sets w/me whenever I am out and about since
I can always get home within a half hour's time...I only do that if I'm
going to be an hour or more away....

I had b.g. logs going back almost 10 yrs and finally threw them out!!!

About waterproof cases...does Minimed make one for the 507C?

I have a pool and I hate to disconnect and reconnect and would like to just
be able to jump in the pool...also since I am female, where would I attach
it?  I wear bikini's and there's not much space there to stick it in my
bikini...any advice would appreciate.
Kathy B.
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