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RE: [IP] Pump size

Hi Ashley:
Don't despair!  I am only 5'2" and 112 lbs wearing a size 4 and don't have
big busts either.

I just clip my pump onto my waist band..really don't care who sees it
either...most people think it's a beeper anyway...although the other day I
had someone ask me if it was one of those new web browser things and I told
him no it was an insulin pump...lol...

As far as not wearing a bra pouch, if you are like me, you are wearing half
bras instead of a full cup.  I find that I can clip the pump right in the
middle part of the front of the bra and no one is the wiser to it...ditto
for dresses...

You have to play around and see what and how you feel comfortable.  I don't
mind clipping the pump in the middle of my bra except for the fact that if I
am out to eat or something I still have to go to the ladies room to pull it
out and bolus....but it's better than pulling out insulin, alcohol, needles,
etc. to take a shot...freaks out lots of people...

Good luck and if you need to discuss more, e mail me.
Kathy B.
email @ redacted
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