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Re: [IP] days and NIGHTS of unexplained highs

In a message dated 8/18/2001 1:02:37 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I'm awake right now because of the same thing. After
> dinner I noticed that my site had pulled out of my leg
> halfway and was bleeding, so I changed the set and put
> it in my belly. I was at 250 and bolused 2 units,
> which would usually put me way low. The site started
> to really hurt, so I moved it to another place in my
> belly. I was at 300 now (1 hour later), so I bolused
> another unit. 1 hour later I came down to 230, so I
> went to sleep, thinking I was on the way down. I set
> my alarm for an hour later and I woke up at 300! I
> bolused 2 units and checked 20 minutes later, 311. I
> don't have any ketones, but I opened a new bottle of
> insulin, new reservoir and tried again. I'm wondering
> if this pump thing is such a good idea for me. I read
> post or profile of someone who said their BG hasn't
> been above 130 since they went on the pump. I can't
> seem to find a consistant set of basals and my sites
> fail or don't work at all pretty regularly. Not to
> mention that I'm allergic to the teflon sets and am
> stuck with the bent needle which is SO uncomfortable.
> I cancelled my doctors appointment two days ago,
> because no doctor, including her I've spoken to about
> this stuff has answers, and I can't bear to watch her
> cluck and tsk-tsk about my BGs, which I work so hard
> to control. From what I read on the site, most people
> don't seem to have these problems. Am I wrong?
> Catherine

Hi, I am on the 508 insulin pump and have had it for a yr. now. It sounds 
like you haven't gotten to a set bolus or basal rate. It takes patience which 
I don't have alot of. I still get high sugars sometimes. I don't ever think 
that goes away completely but the pump will give you better control as soon 
as you get it set. I don't know where you live but I live in State College, 
PA and have a wonderful diabetes educator located in Danville, PA. There 
aren't any good drs. near my town so I manage my diabetes with a dr an hour 
and a half away. I know exactly how you feel about being lectured with the 
high sugars and all that good stuff. I went through that for so many years. 
Things will get better for you Just hang in there. Maybe your main dr. could 
suggest a diabetes specialist somewhere else if you aren't comfortable with 
the current dr. I went through the exact same thing.

Take care, Heather W. email- email @ redacted
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