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[IP] Re: Ultraflex

>The sales rep at Disetronic sent me 8mm based on my body size description 
>(average weight).  Based on the responses to my posting, it seems that this 
>size may be too small and I should give the 10mm a try.  After having babies, 
>I carry a bit of extra fat around my abdomen and the 8mm might not be long 
>enough to get through it all! 

Hubby Shane is quite thin but still did not have good luck on his first
try with the 8mm ultras. site failures after less than 2 days. When the
10mm came out we tried again with much better results. He wore one of
them 5 days and was never over 110! (yes he knows he should not really
wear them that long...) Anyway, he is just now switching to them
full-time. We are keeping an eye on the numbers, thinking we may have to
turn the basals down a bit because the numbers are consistently lower.
Plus he can roll over on the site with no problems. With the sils, they
always got bloody and bruised if he did that...

>ready to give it another go, 

best of luck, hope you get better results this time!
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