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Re: [IP] Sweat Watch

<<Does anybody have any information on a watch that will alert you when you
are sleeping that your blood sugar is getting dangerously low? Apparently it
senses when you begin to perspire more than usual............Any information
would be appreciated...........Thanks >>

<<Sleep Sentry. is a device worn on the wrist or ankle which is intended for
use by indivduals with insulin dependent diabetes who have insulin reactions
while asleep, and either don't wake up, or don't wake up soon enough to
appropriately help themselves. Sleep Sentry. does not detect hypoglycemia,
but monitors the two symptoms that are commonly associated with the presence
of hypoglycemia; perspiration and a drop in skin temperature (cold sweat).
The presence of either of these physical signs triggers an audible alarm. >>

will start shipping around September 2001
Price $330

Is it worth?

Rabbi Hirsch Meisels email @ redacted
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