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Re: [IP] Replacement Pump (gross)

In a message dated 8/19/2001 11:16:59 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Hi all:  If you followed this thread from a couple weeks ago I had reported
> that my son's pump (Minimed 508) had dropped onto cement and it had chipped
> off a piece near the battery compartment.  I called Minimed and they had
> advised me that I could either get a new pump or a re-made pump and I of
> course opted for the new one.  Ours was still working perfectly so we kept 
> it
> on until the new one came....
> Two days later a "new" one is sent out and I am glad it is here and has come
> so fast.  I open up the sealed box and it is encased in sponge.  I pull out
> the "new" pump and it is COVERED in a strange film, which after running my
> fingernail along the grooves, turns out to be dead skin and ??? (Exactly 
> like
> the stuff that builds up on your phone on the receiver!) I opened up the
> chamber and it had flakes of skin in it as well. GROSS!!!  I called Minimed
> and was just sick about it, and relayed my tale and apparently the guy I had
> orginally dealt with was mistaken, and my pump was not being replaced with a
> new one, but a re-built one!  As I am listening to this, Ironically I look 
> and
> the "new" one has a chip IDENTICAL to the one on ours!  Dropped on the EXACT
> same corner!  Why would I keep this one when ours looks the same, except 
> 100%
> cleaner!  ALso, the buttons had to be pressed really hard to even work, so I
> know that our 5 year old would have a hard time doing his own boluses with
> this one. Not Impressed...I sent the "new" one back...
> I cannot believe that something can be repaired and sent out to people as
> replacement pumps and are not at least CLEANED up first!  Take a swab of
> rubbing alcohol and remove the scum from the previous users fingers!!  The
> Minimed logo was half rubbed off as well by the way.  I clean ours every 
> time
> I think about it and at least every time I change the reservoir.  This one 
> had
> built up scum in the levers!  Come on now Minimed...I paid $5000 Canadian 
> for
> this incredible machine, I think I would deserve a same if not better
> condition pump back???  Should I write Minimed?

 Hey you need to call them, talk to mgr. after mgr. get to the top to fix it 
the next day. I love mini med pump but I have also had my moments with them. 
be patient and get the right person on the phone. remember your goal. good 
control. don't be mad at someone who gets paid 5 an hour 
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