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[IP] Replacement Pump (gross)

Hi all:  If you followed this thread from a couple weeks ago I had reported
that my son's pump (Minimed 508) had dropped onto cement and it had chipped
off a piece near the battery compartment.  I called Minimed and they had
advised me that I could either get a new pump or a re-made pump and I of
course opted for the new one.  Ours was still working perfectly so we kept it
on until the new one came....

Two days later a "new" one is sent out and I am glad it is here and has come
so fast.  I open up the sealed box and it is encased in sponge.  I pull out
the "new" pump and it is COVERED in a strange film, which after running my
fingernail along the grooves, turns out to be dead skin and ??? (Exactly like
the stuff that builds up on your phone on the receiver!) I opened up the
chamber and it had flakes of skin in it as well. GROSS!!!  I called Minimed
and was just sick about it, and relayed my tale and apparently the guy I had
orginally dealt with was mistaken, and my pump was not being replaced with a
new one, but a re-built one!  As I am listening to this, Ironically I look and
the "new" one has a chip IDENTICAL to the one on ours!  Dropped on the EXACT
same corner!  Why would I keep this one when ours looks the same, except 100%
cleaner!  ALso, the buttons had to be pressed really hard to even work, so I
know that our 5 year old would have a hard time doing his own boluses with
this one. Not Impressed...I sent the "new" one back...

I cannot believe that something can be repaired and sent out to people as
replacement pumps and are not at least CLEANED up first!  Take a swab of
rubbing alcohol and remove the scum from the previous users fingers!!  The
Minimed logo was half rubbed off as well by the way.  I clean ours every time
I think about it and at least every time I change the reservoir.  This one had
built up scum in the levers!  Come on now Minimed...I paid $5000 Canadian for
this incredible machine, I think I would deserve a same if not better
condition pump back???  Should I write Minimed?

Ok, that is my rant for the day.  Have a good one!

(son 5, email @ redacted, pumping 11.5 months)
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