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Re: [IP] Batteries in the Refrigerator

> > - An entire door shelf in the refrigerator for insulin, insulin pen and
> > spare batteries.
> >
>Do  you find your batteries last longer this way?  I remember when I was a
>child, my mother used to put batteries in the refrigerator  :O)

I am sure that batteries have a longer shelf-life if stored cool rather 
than at room temperature - All the battery companies have lots of data to 
quantify this. However, I am also sure that the effect is so small I will 
never see it. What is more important is to keep them dry and out of 
electrical contact. Therefore what I do is cut the package from MiniMed 
into strips of 3 batteries each and put each of these strips into an old BG 
Test Strip bottle (with desicant in the cap). The bottle is dated and goes 
into the refrigirator until needed.
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