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[IP] Clara Randel's Displeasure with pumps/ Information on Lantus Insulin

Pumps do cause some special problems.  But the first rule of our control is
test bs levels and do it very frequently 6-8 x's/day. Chart all food ,BS
levels and Insulines.
This year bleeding problems around my brain caused pressure that resulted in
me to have 2 months of unconsciousness.  They took my pump off and put me back
on MDI of NPH and Humalog.
This achieved fairly good control and I am alive.  My endocrinologist then put
me on Lantus once a day and Humalog boluses for meal/or food the same as I had
with using the pump.  The Lantus is working as well as what I had achieved
with the pump.  Lantus is very different than NPH.  No unexpected up or downs
inaction and one shot lasts 24 hours evenly.  I am sure that YMMV for each of
us but I never thought that I might be as well of with MDII as I had been with
my pump.  Ask about Lantus before restarting any NPH.  In Europe Lantus has
caused a big switch over from and off NPH.
Charles Sod..... Dx 10/53,  Type I, MiniMed 506 8/98, MDII for 8 months
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