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[IP] Re: Frustrated with being diabetic

Clara - I think most of us have days where we are frustrated or hate being 
diabetic.  I went thru it a few weeks ago and now I'm just frustrated with my 
life in general so diabetes is on the back burner.  Maybe you just need a 
break from the pump?  A brief period with shots may help.
You mentioned a middle age rebellion with diabetes - I started menopause 
right after I turned 40.  I was having migraine headaches all the time and 
feeling very irritable.  Sometimes I would feel hot and sweaty which I 
thought was low blood sugar even when my meter said otherwise.  I didn't 
occur to me that it was hot flashes because of my age but later I read about 
a study where they said Type 1 diabetics started menopause 9 years earlier 
than their non-diabetic sisters.  What a surprise.  My blood sugar seemed 
better after I went on estrogen but then I was not following it so closely 
and basically everything seemed better after that.

As far as intimate activities, I used to disconnect but was afraid I would 
fall asleep afterwards.  I wear it strapped to my waist at night and that's 
where it stays during intimacy and mostly it is not in the way.

Age 43, Type 1 almost 28 years, pump for 2 years

In a message dated 8/17/01 12:10:09 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> . I feel these days as though 
> I am going through a middle-aged rebellion with my diabetes, 
> and particularly the pump. I hate the thing. I hate wearing it, I 
> hate that it interferes with my clothing choices, I hate that it 
> falls on the ground when I go to the restroom, I hate feeling it 
> twist around my body at night, I hate having to accommodate 
> for 'intimate activities', and I HATE THE MARKS ON MY BODY. 
> I have had 4 malfunctions in 6mo., each time sending me into 
> DKA. I don't, at this point, feel this is better. I was VERY used 
> to, after 26 yrs. of multiple insulin injections, which I could take 
> care of with much less intrusion. I still have to adjust my carbs 
> for exercise. What am I doing wrong??
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