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Re: [IP] Vacationing and snorkeling with pump

>I will be starting on the MM508 pump on Monday, August 20.  We have a
>vacation to Kauai planned for September 13.  I have ordered MM sport guard
>so that I can go snorkeling and not worry while swimming or kayaking.  Any
>I also have a question about what everyone stores their extra supplies in.
>Our bathroom storage is just one big cabinet under the sink.

You have hit two topics of interest to me.

I've just returned from a 10 day vacation with my MM-508 at the North 
Carolina Outer Banks. No snorkeling of kayaking but about 5 hours a day on 
the beach (very hot and humid) and in the water. At the beach I had the 
MM-508 in the sports case and kept the case in a zipped pocket in my swim 
trucks. It worked great. No damage to the pump. No tangling with the tubing 
and apparently no denaturing of the Humalog. Keeping it in the swim truck's 
pocket worked a lot better than the belt - Completely out of the way and I 
suspect the wet trunks helped to keep the insulin cool. It was important to 
use the zipped pocket. The 2 times I tried other pocket the pump managed to 
get out and floated to the end of the tubing very nicely. I used the remote 
to bolus but I did have to look at the pump when doing so because you could 
hear nothing. It all worked well. I highly recommend it.

The other thing that worked well for me was Quick-Set infusion sets and 
Masticol Liquid Adhesive. I had carried enough sets to change up to 3 times 
a day if worst  came to worst.  I was seriously concerned about the sand, 
water and sweet causing the site adhesion to fail. It did not. The 
Quick-Set /Masticol combination worked great. I changed every other day and 
did not loose a single site.

On the second topic - storage - not only is this disease and it's problems 
progressive, the space needed is also progressive. I currently store stuff 
as follows:

- One entire downstairs vanity for extra sets, reservoirs, wipes and syringes.
- One half of a kitchen shelf for current sets, adhesive, swabs, pen 
needles, test strips, keto-strips. meter supplies and other medications.
- Part of the counter top for the inserter, sharps disposal. backup meter 
and gram scale.
- A box in the upstairs vanity of manuals, pump shipping box, old meters 
and other stuff not being used daily but really unable to throw away.
- An entire door shelf in the refrigerator for insulin, insulin pen and 
spare batteries.
- A loaded travel kit hanging in the closet with most every thing I need 
except the perishables.
-  Half of a bookcase shelf for my BG records, doctor's notes and assorted 
reference books.

Storage is really getting to be a hassle!!!

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