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[IP] status with unwaivering highs/UltraFlex

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the input about my recent crisis with unwaivering  high
blood sugars.  I'm fine now, and my sugars are mostly below 100.  After
reading all your posts, I have nailed it to 3 causes, or a combination

1.  Minimed pump -- no alarms all night when I wasn't getting my basal
2.  the ultraflex infusion set -- I tried it for the first time.  One
note about the ultraflex.  A disetronic rep told me the cannula will
curve wrong if you don't insert the needle right in, without
hesitation.  sounds like a big flaw to me.  I just ordered a 3 month
supply of those, so I'm going to trade them back for tenders when they
come in.
3.  HORMONES!  (you ladies know what I'm talking about).

My hubbie and I are still trying to decide on pumps.  right now it's
between the disetronic H-tron, which I'm trying out now, and the animas,
which I will be trying out next week.

I am so glad to have this group as a resource for information.  I'm
going to make my donation now!

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