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Re: [IP] Paradigm infusion sets

>The last thing I read (in the transcripts of a Minimed Chat on IP), you will
>be able to use any of the current infusion sets (with the std. leur lock
>connection) on the paradigm pump, BUT the pump will not be waterproof if you
>use those sets.  They will be making (I'm pretty sure) three different types
>of proprietary sets (equivalent to the softset, the quikset, and the
>silhouette -- with similar tubing length and cannula length options) that
>will ONLY work on the Paradigm and are required in order for the pump to be
>waterproof . . .

This comment (you can use standard leur lock but it will not be waterproof) 
has been repeated many times but I do not believe it is correct.

Below is an exchange of notes I had with Ray Hoese and Mark Estes (the 
managers at MiniMed responsible for the new Paradigm pump) in early June. 
These are people who should know the facts and their statement is very 
clear - The Paradigm will not be able to use standard connectors.

Note: I reparagraphed by original note because Mark Estes replied in-line 
using colored text. Without the reparagraphing it may not have been clear 
what part was my question and what has his answer.

To: "'email @ redacted'" <email @ redacted> Cc: Mark Estes 
<email @ redacted> Subject: FW: Paradigm Features
Patrick, I had Mark Estes (product manager who was also on that chat) reply 
to your email within the body of the text below. Bottom line is that we'll 
have Quick Sets, Sof Sets and Silhouettes for the Paradigm at the same 
price -- however you can't use these Paradigm sets with our other pumps. 
BUT we will still sell those same infusion sets for use with our other 
pumps -- because about 145,000 people will still be using our other pumps! 
The cost will be the same -- example: a Paradigm Quick Set will cost the 
same as a 508 Quickset.

Read Mark's additional comments below and email Mark directly if you need 
more clarification. Thanks -Ray

-----Original Message-----

From: Patrick G. Jobe [mailto:email @ redacted] Sent: June 12, 2001 2:30 PM 
To: email @ redacted Subject: Paradirm Features

Hello Mr. Hoese, I am writing you because you were so helpful and 
informative when you participated in the Insulin-Pumpers Chat concerning 
the Paradigm pump back on March 21. I do not know is you routinely follow 
the Insulin-Pumpers mail List but the features of the Paradigm have again 
become an active item of discussion - AND - It would be nice to have some 
authoritive facts to compliment the speculation.

A specific issue is the infusion sets the Paradigm will use. Are the 
infusion sets proprietary?

[Mark Estes - The 10+ sets (Quick Set, Sof Set and Silhouette) that will be 
available for the paradigm are unique to the paradigm, but will be widely 
available for the same price as current sets (no price premium despite our 
higher costs)]

Will the pump use a standard Luer-lok set?

[Mark Estes -No, it is unique.]

Is it possible to use a standard Luer-lok but sacrifice the waterproofness?

[Mark Estes - No . Other pumps require adaptors to seal the pump and 
connect the infusion set. these adaptors must be changed with every 
reservoir and add considerable costs (approx $6.00 each). We consider the 
unique connector on the paradigm sets to be a "no cost" adaptor.]

Is there any update on when the Paradigm will be available?

[Mark Estes - No, still targeting this year.]

If you are willing to answer any of the questions I, and others, would 
certainly be very appreciative.

Once again, thanks for your help and thanks for great products.

Patrick G. Jobe
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