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Re: [IP] Question about Low Blood Sugar

It is possible that she is Hypoglycemic. Only a special test can confirm this.
My brother was diagnosed with it about 1991, 1 year after I was dxed with
diab. We were concerned about the same thing. I don't know if you know
anything about Hypo or not, but it is just as serious as full blown diab. It
is imperative that they eat every few hours and stay away from all candy (as
it can make the sugars crash harder than they did before!). I have also heard
of instances where the Hypo turned into diab later. I would suggest getting
her into the doctor and have tests run if you are concerned about her at all.
It is not something to be playing around with.
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  <<I am concerned that my mother may have diabetes also. >>
  <<experiencing a low blood sugars  (61).   Is it
  normal for someone's level to drop and not have diabetes. >>
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