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RE: [IP] days and NIGHTS of unexplained highs

--- Kathy Bruckmeyer <email @ redacted> wrote:
> You first have to figure out how long it takes the
> insulin to go through
> your body.  

I've found that if my BG doesn't change in 15 minutes,
something is wrong (unless I've just eaten).
> Last night after dinner, my b.g. went over 300 and I
> bolused 1.0 U and
> another 1 U one hour afterwards...by 10:30 PM, it
> started to come down but
> was still at 311 so I bolused 2.0 and waited until
> 12:30 AM and it was
> around 270 so I went to bed knowing that when I woke
> up I would be at a
> low...which I was at 50!  It takes my insulin a long
> time to go through my
> body so I don't keep bolusing but give it time to
> come down...

My problem with this is that I've had so many sites
fail and I don't want to risk ketoacidosis. If my BGs
don't start coming down, I have a pretty good idea
they're not going to.

I got
> the PUmping Insulin book 

I HAVE to get this book already!

Thanks for your response Kathy. I really appreciate

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