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RE: [IP] days and NIGHTS of unexplained highs

You first have to figure out how long it takes the insulin to go through
your body.  The way Lilly explained it to me is that it starts working in 15
minutes but I note that I don't see a change in my b.g. for at least 2-3
hours after I bolus...same thing might be happening to you.

Last night after dinner, my b.g. went over 300 and I bolused 1.0 U and
another 1 U one hour afterwards...by 10:30 PM, it started to come down but
was still at 311 so I bolused 2.0 and waited until 12:30 AM and it was
around 270 so I went to bed knowing that when I woke up I would be at a
low...which I was at 50!  It takes my insulin a long time to go through my
body so I don't keep bolusing but give it time to come down...

Don't feel bad about your b.g.  I have been pumping since Dec. 2000 and am
having same problems.  We have tried this and that but still nothing.  I got
the PUmping Insulin book and kept reading that...starting with finding out
about the pre dawn phen and thought I took care of that...but I found that a
3-6 AM higher bolus wasn't good enough so now I upped the bolus and changed
from 3-9 AM and the b.g. are much more consistent.  I was tired of having
high's first thing in the day and having to cover those high's only to drop
later on during the late morning-one pm area...

It takes a lot of patience and a lot of trials and erros and lots of
testing...getting up in the middle of the night., doing a fasting in the
morning until noon time every hour to see where your b.g. are and then
making that basal adjustment..then you do the lunch to dinner fasting and
then dinner to bedtime...don't change things right away..give it two or
three days to see how you fare out with b.g. because something invariably
happens to mess them up...

My problem right now is the spiking after eating and I am trying to figure
out how to handle that since it takes so long for insulin to go through my
system and actually show something in the b.g.

Hang in there, don't give up...everyone here comes out with good suggestions
and ideas and shares their experiences as well...which gives me a very good
feeling since the doctor's and d.e. don't know everything...only a diabetic
going through these things can know better than anyone...

If you'd like to e mail me privately...my name is Kathy B. and addy is
email @ redacted

We can commiserate together and work towards achieving our goals...(I've get
to keep a consistent 150 which is my dr.'s goal for me)... :(
Kathy B.
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