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[IP] 29 days....

well I've been pumping 29 days, The only thing I don't like, is the "3rd" day and
changing the set, as I am really squeamish when I need to stick the needle thing
and pull it out  (have the 508)
When I got it, early July, I called the db nurse, and she set up the training .
there was no mention of  practicing with saline soln.  I was told that the
training would last about 1-3 hrs depending on my questions. I was also told to
count carbs a few months before going in, had no idea why, now I do. Once I
figured it out, I told the db trainer (not the db dr/nurse) what my dose was, and
she pulled out her calculator and said that my basal rate would be .8/hr (it is
.9/hr 3 am-6am) Once I got it in, I was on my way, needless to say, once Sunday
came, it took me 3 infusion sets to get it in and right. still takes me about
20-25 minutes to get it in If you have the 508 KEEP IT IN THE CASE that it came
with. it is supposed to prevent static charge and pump failure as mine failed
when I changed the batteries  ALL I can say is that my bs has never been better
and I have had this db since 88 I did have better training when I was using
seringes, practicing with an orange, etc.

David R
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