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Re: [IP] Ultraflex


I've been having good results with the UltraFlex, I've quit using the 
Tenders now and am only using the UltraFlex and having the same results 
with bgs that I did before with the Tenders.   Which needle length did you 
try?  If you had the shorter one (8mm) perhaps it wasn't long enough or 
perhaps the other choice (10mm) was too long.  I use both the 8mm and the 
10mm depending on how much fat is located at the insertion site.  I know 
that when you insert them, you have to insert them quickly and steadily, 
any change can cause problems (which I found out with one of my first 
tries).  You also need to hold just the blue part when you insert, it is 
actually attached to the needle and will give a better insertion.  The 
UltraFlex is a little more tricky to insert than the Tender, but for me, I 
just find that they are so much less stressful to insert than were the 
Tenders (which I used for a year before switching).  It did take me some 
practice to get them inserted properly, but now I won't go back to the 
Tenders.  ymmv.  :o)

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