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re:[IP] Comparison of 508, D-Tron, Animas

At 07:48 AM 8/18/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>Just a quick clarification on one of your Animas dislikes, Static Electricity
>is not an issue. After reading many, many posts about this problem with
>Mini-med (and before I got my Animas pump), I asked my local Animas rep. about
>it. She explained that the motor in the Animas is completely different and,
>therefore, not susceptible to the static discharge problem. I really don't
>understand the specific engineering reasons, just that it shouldn't be (and
>hasn't been for me) a problem.
>Heather dx'd 9/90
>w/Righteous Babe since 4/01.

The conclusion here that Animas is not subject to static problems may (or 
may not) be correct. But I do not accept this explanation. My understanding 
is that the static problem does not effect the pumps motor but instead zaps 
the pump's control  system. Any motor - regardless of its static resistance 
- can have a problem if it's external controls are scrambled.

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