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[IP] Re: Profiles of pumpers interested in exercise

When I exercise, after my supper, I cut my bolus down by half. My basal rate
after supper is lower by .1 to help me survive the workout. If I want to
give it my all, I water down juice in my water bottle, giving me some sugar
or carbs. I always re-check my blood sugar after the exercise, if high -I
bolus, if low I eat a small snack of protein and carbs. Usually I don't have
to give any bolus or eat any more. I do choose to have a small bowl of
popcorn with the rest of the family.

Regarding sweating off infusion sets. When I used soft-sets, our mini-med
representative told us to use Right Guard Invisible solid antiperspirant on
the area of the sight. Let it dry, then use the prep-wipe before putting in
your infusion set. After each shower, reapply the antiperspirant around the
site. On the really hot days-when it is really hot and humid. I used the
antiperspirant plus baby powder or any kind of talcum powder on my stomach
or areas that sweat. Since using silouhettes, I haven't had any problems
with sweating off infusion sets. I think the tapes were making me sweat and
have itchy spots on my skin!  Best wishes, Sharon
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