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[IP] days and NIGHTS of unexplained highs

I'm awake right now because of the same thing. After
dinner I noticed that my site had pulled out of my leg
halfway and was bleeding, so I changed the set and put
it in my belly. I was at 250 and bolused 2 units,
which would usually put me way low. The site started
to really hurt, so I moved it to another place in my
belly. I was at 300 now (1 hour later), so I bolused
another unit. 1 hour later I came down to 230, so I
went to sleep, thinking I was on the way down. I set
my alarm for an hour later and I woke up at 300! I
bolused 2 units and checked 20 minutes later, 311. I
don't have any ketones, but I opened a new bottle of
insulin, new reservoir and tried again. I'm wondering
if this pump thing is such a good idea for me. I read
post or profile of someone who said their BG hasn't
been above 130 since they went on the pump. I can't
seem to find a consistant set of basals and my sites
fail or don't work at all pretty regularly. Not to
mention that I'm allergic to the teflon sets and am
stuck with the bent needle which is SO uncomfortable.
I cancelled my doctors appointment two days ago,
because no doctor, including her I've spoken to about
this stuff has answers, and I can't bear to watch her
cluck and tsk-tsk about my BGs, which I work so hard
to control. From what I read on the site, most people
don't seem to have these problems. Am I wrong?

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