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Re: [IP] Airport security

I just returned from vacation where I flew into and out of West Palm Beach 
Fl and Hartford CN airports and did not have a problem.  I use the longer 
tube and simply placed the pump into my pants pocket.  It did not set off 
the metal detector.  Also, the extra syringes, reservoirs and tubing sets, 
bottles of insulin, 7 bottles of RX medication and CPAP in my carry on 
luggage did not even cause the guard monitoring the x ray machine to look 

I am not sure if this makes me feel good or not.

Now, however, for the ultimate irony, while visiting  the court house in 
Palm Beach Gardens my small Swiss army knife was confiscated until I 
left.  I guess the 3 inch blade could cause some real harm if I sawed away 
at a lawyers arm for 20 min or so before someone noticed and stopped 
me.  They did not even notice the pump, once again in my pocket.


At 20:49 7/25/01, you wrote:
>I have been through a number of airports with my pump and I have never had 
>a problem.  Here is a list of airports that I have gone through:
>1) Chicago Ohare (no problems even with their tight security)
>2) Chicago Midway
>3) Fort Lauderdale
>4) Houston
>5) Dallas/Ft. Worth
>6) Minneapolis
>7) Paris Charles de Gualle
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