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Re: [IP] Comparison of 508, D-Tron, Animas

Thanks, Pete, for your comparison . . . Of course, it just so happens that 
your assessment pretty much matches the one we came up with when choosing a 
pump for my daughter <vbg!>  Even had similar experiencs with the various 
companies . . . Tho' I'm not sure where you heard about any static discharge 
problems with the Animas pump -- I haven't heard anything about static 
electricity problems except in connection with the Minimed pump.  The Animas 
pump uses non-volatile memory (a good thing, according to my hubby, the 
technowizard) . . . Here's where you can read about it on their web site: <A 
HREF="http://www.animascorp.com/ip_pump_f.shtml">Animas R-1000 Pump:  Features

PumpMama to Katie (Age 10) Happily pumping with her Animas pump "Elvis" since 
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